In general, we will guide you to resolve your health and related issues through the process below.

I. Initiation Steps:


1. Free Initial Consultation (15 minutes call or via email) – To determine if we are the right advocates for you and your situation.

2. If we decide we may be a good match, schedule an appointment to discuss more details, concrete plans.

3. Comprehensive Needs Assessment & Intake:


- Assessment of your health concerns and situation with attention to your goals and core values.

- The advocate will propose a customized plan.

- If we agree on the scope of work, then we will proceed.

- Forms (HIPAA, consultation agreement) signed to get started.

II. Consultation Steps *in general*:

*Actual steps will be customized based on each client’s unique needs & situation.

Advocate (WE) will:           


1. Analyze and clarify your healthcare situation, and explore your options together. 


2. Provide information & tools that's right FOR YOU and empower you to make the best decision for you.


3. Work with your healthcare providers and make sure you get the right care for you!

Patient (YOU) will:

1. Begin to see your situation more calmly and less overwhelming (as you can always reach out to your advocate! :). 


2. See the direction- Know what you can do about your challenges and what you can let your advocate handle for you. 

3. Feel in control and enjoy peace of mind!

** Save Time & Money too!

Examples of Commonly Recommended Services:


  • Review of Medical Records/Plans of Care— Obtain relevant records, clarify what’s being done, explain it in a way that makes sense to you and discuss your next options. ​​

  • Help you improve communication with your doctors— Accompany to doctor’s appointments, show and teach how you can talk to your doctors and arrive at shared decision-makings that align with your wishes and values.

  • Research local/national resources and explore better treatment options for you— and arrange second opinion visits if applicable.


  • Improve communication and coordination with clinicians at hospital/facility— An urgent care setting is often complex, frustrating with long waits, communication difficulties and uncertainties. Advocates may be able to clarify the situation and get things under control quickly.

  • Teach how to organize your medical records for your benefit— You will be amazed how much peace of mind one binder can bring to you, and wish you had known this much sooner!

  • Help you prepare for the unexpected (without much hassle!)— This will be a great gift not only for yourself but for your whole family! Unfortunately, many people are confused about this very important task and don’t take action until too late. But there’s a better way to do it without a lawyer.

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