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Together, we can overcome your health challenges

and make healthcare WORK FOR YOU!

Truly Trying Time...

We've been experiencing an unprecedented healthcare crisis this year. The Coronavirus, while claiming hundreds of thousands of American lives, has forced us to change how we live. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have been working beyond their limits without enough protection (or lost their lives)...  

But what about patients and caregivers? With all the confusing information, fatigue, and isolation? If you have any medical condition, how can you manage your health? What if you already experience symptoms that might be related to COVID-19? 

Your doctor, facility, or insurance company may not give you the help you need... unless you know how to ask! 

Navigating US healthcare was already challenging enough before the pandemic, but THIS IS THE TIME EVERYONE NEEDS AN ADVOCATE with sound clinical knowledge and the ability to step in, should something happen.


Patient Advocacy & Beyond can give you clarity, guidance, and the personalized support you need.  Contact me or schedule a free consultation call today. You and your family will be so glad for the peace of mind!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the services are primarily provided via video call, email or phone. However, if the situation requires, in-person services with proper precautions and PPE can be provided.

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Here are some of what my clients say about my services:

Sunset at the Beach

"Ky is an awesome nurse and advocate. With a long list of illnesses, my caregiver and I struggled so much managing my health care before meeting her.  Once she started working with me, I felt all my worries were lifted – she checked all my medications, made sure I take them correctly, my blood pressure under control, and so on. She also communicates well with my multiple doctors and makes sure their plans are indeed best for me. Above all, she really cares about my whole health and is great at encouraging me to take the right action for my health. I used to spend most of my day sleeping but I now exercise daily-  what a big difference she made!"

-Bob J. in Columbia, Maryland


"I’d been overwhelmed and struggling with my compounding chronic health problems for years. But I was lucky enough to meet Ky who is by far such an amazingly wonderful advocate. Her knowledge, warmth and insights really make a difference. She does go above and beyond to educate and guide patients toward the best possible path. She is incredibly smart and I know for a fact that she will do great things in healthcare.  I highly recommend Ky’s services to everyone."

- Melissa M. in Columbia, Maryland


"Ky was simply amazing! She helped me through a very dark period in my illness. Due to the complex nature and rarity of my condition, I was turned down by many patient advocates. However, Ky took on my case doing plenty of research. She accompanied to critical doctors appts to help communicate my needs to the doctor in a medically professional way. At one point I was hospitalized for a week. The wing I was placed in had rooms that were not handicap accessible and I ended up having a bad fall. I was treated inhumanely by the staff. I called Ky and she dropped everything with only a couple hours notice and drove over an hour to the facility. She got ahold of the hospital admin on staff and everything was promptly sorted out and resolved. Her action, not only eliminated the suffering I was experiencing at that moment but allowed me to receive the proper acuity of care needed for the remainder of my inpatient stay. Ky's kindness, compassion and medical knowledge were priceless at such a dark time. I am not sure I could have made it through without her...


I highly recommend Ky for her skill and dedication."

- Emily K. in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania