Examples of Our Services:

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Clarify Your Information/Facts

This is usually the first and most important step for our clients because doing this part correctly can save you so much time and money. After this step and a couple of doctor's office visits together, our clients sometimes become comfortable and confident with their care and don't need us anymore. And that'd be a great outcome for you!

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Research Your Options

Sometimes, the situation calls for out-of-box thinking to find the right approach for you. I can research good evidence-based options including holistic/complementary approaches and may also refer you to excellent colleagues.



We love protecting your financial health too! We communicate with your insurance company proactively, mitigate billing risks, and/or find alternative methods to save your money. Even if you approach us after incurring a high bill, we can still help. But your option will get limited as time passes. Contact us as soon as possible. Don't wait! 

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Special Support for Seniors

As you advance your age with a medical condition, you’d need to pay better attention to manage it (unless you’re lucky enough to have both excellent doctors and caregivers!). Even if you’re generally healthy, it’s a great idea to review your overall needs, prepare for unexpected changes just in case. I can holistically assess your situation and provide the right type of support or resources for your benefit without a large investment!

A Watchful Eye & Resource

After your condition improves, I can check on you from time to time to make sure you're on the right track. I would be a resource for questions and take prompt action in case of any issues! 

Medical Record Analysis

Get Better Care & Coordination

Are you unsure if the diagnosis given is correct, or the treatment is working for you? Or do you have an unresolved question with your doctor? You owe it to yourself to make sure you're not wasting your energy/money for something that's not helping you or perhaps even hurting you (this happens often enough!). It's relatively easy for us to help you get a definitive answer and/or a thoughtful treatment plan from your doctor. Or we can get you a second/third opinion and find a better path (provider/facility) for you to feel better!

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Inpatient (Bedside) Support

In the event you require inpatient care, having your own advocate can make a world of difference! We can advocate for you and communicate with the nurses and physicians over the phone. If the situation calls for, nurse advocates may be allowed to come to your bedside with our own PPE even with the visitor's restriction.

Whether in a hospital, rehab facility, or nursing home, we can promote the best possible care, ensure proper transitions, and serve as the family's vital communication link!

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Visit to Johns Hopkins

As an alumnus of the nursing school and ex-employee of the hospital, I’m familiar with the institution and comfortable dealing with the top doctors and other professionals. I’ve helped many clients receive excellent care and successful treatment in various departments, including those from out-of-state.


Surgery Support

Surgery is often a significant investment of time and money that also involves serious risks. You’d want to make sure the surgery your surgeon says you need is indeed the best type of surgery for you (unfortunately, elective surgeries have become a big business in the USA.)  After vetting the surgery and the surgeon, I will augment the busy surgical team, help you prepare for fast recovery, and make sure you receive optimum aftercare.