Here are some examples of my services:

Medical Record Analysis

Help you find the right provider or facility based on your particular needs and insurance, make an appointment quickly (often) and forward necessary records and documents to facilitate your optimum experience.

Find the Right Provider/Facility

Open Textbook in Library

Sometimes, the situation calls for out-of-box thinking to find the right approach for you. I can research good evidence-based options including holistic approaches, and can also collaborate with my awesome colleagues!

Research Your Options


Surgery is often a big investment of your time and money that also involves serious risks. You’d want to make sure that’s the best type of surgery and the right surgeon for you (unfortunately, elective surgeries have become a big business in the USA.)  I can help you mitigate your risks, prepare for optimum outcome and fast recovery.

Surgery Support

Calculate Savings

I can also protect your financial health by mitigating medical billing risks and speaking with the insurance company proactively, or find alternative methods to save your money.

For Your Financial Health

After your conditions improve, I can check on you from time to time to make sure you’re on the right track, be a resource for questions, and act promptly to correct any issues.

A Watchful Eye & Resource

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

You may be unsure if the diagnosis given is correct, or the treatment plan is working for you... Yet you haven't been able to articulate your concerns, or the discussion didn't go very well...  I can clarify your situation, help you get better help from your doctor diplomatically, or get you a second opinion. 

The Diagnosis/Treatment Plan

Canva - a patient in critical condition

In the event you require inpatient care, having your own advocate can make a world of difference! I can guard your safety, facilitate your optimum care, smooth transition, and update your family while in the hospital, rehab or nursing facility. 

Inpatient Care Support

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As an alumnus of the nursing school and ex-employee of the hospital, I’m familiar with the institution and comfortable dealing with many specialties that are spread across Maryland. I’ve helped many clients receive excellent care and successful treatment, including those from out-of-states.

Visit to Johns Hopkins

Pharmacist helping elderly woman

As you advance your age with a medical condition, you’d need to pay better attention to manage it (unless you’re with excellent doctors and caregivers!).  Even if you’re generally healthy, it’s a great idea to review your overall needs, prepare for unexpected changes just in case. I can holistically assess your situation and provide the right type of support or resources for your benefit without a big investment!

Special Support for Seniors

With any of my services, I use all my knowledge and senses, including my intuition, to watch out for hidden risks and opportunities for you.

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