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Values and Promises

At Patient Advocacy & Beyond, we value:

  • Justice

    • What's happening to so many Americans is simply WRONG! The US ‘Sick Care’ system makes lots of profit from the confusing fragmented system that doesn’t keep people well. ​The worst part: We're most vulnerable when sick! We should not be forced to defend ourselves, especially with all the money we pay for it. Patients need a true ally - that's what we are!

  • Integrity​​​

    • It's about doing what's right and what's been promised whether it's recognized or not. That's the foundation of a trusting relationship.

  • Excellence

    • Simply do the job right with all the skills required, every time.

  • Evidence-Based Research/Education

    • Facts and science are critical when learning and discussing options about your most precious assets such as health!

  • Compassion & Commitment

    • Compassion is essential in health care, as it allows us to understand a person's suffering and take action to alleviate it. But truly helping someone with health issues often requires commitment through thick and thin, and giving compassion when needed the most. 

With these values, here are our promises to you

as your patient advocate:

1.  Treat you as a whole person with respect and compassion, always.


2.  Seek to understand your unique needs and preferences, and facilitate shared decision-making that aligns with your best interest.


3.  Promote the best possible outcome with the most economical method based on evidence and the situation.


4.  Diligently watch for issues and opportunities that you may not be aware of and bring them to your attention.


5.  Stand up and fight for you to get your voice heard and your needs met, if necessary!

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