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Independent (Private)
Patient Advocates

What sets us apart from any other healthcare professionals? That's our single ALLEGIANCE TO OUR CLIENT, the patient (and the family). We always put our client's best interests above anything else. No institution or company pays us and influences our actions! 


Our additional advantage is that we can follow our clients beyond facility boundaries. So, you have one less thing to worry about -- explaining your wishes every time you get transferred to a new setting. 


Depending on the advocate's experience and skills, we may perform multiple functions besides advocacy, such as...

  • Translator (explains the situation and communicate with the medical team effectively)

  • Facilitator (builds a bridge and negotiates favorable terms with the team)

  • Care coordinator (communicates with various parties for smooth collaboration)

  • Researcher (verifies evidence for treatment options etc.)

  • Coach (supports behavioral modification which is often a powerful intervention)


All the activities will be personalized based on your needs.


If you're interested in learning patient advocacy in-depth, here is a good recent article, written by a well-established local colleague. 

Sun Shine in Forest

Patient Advocacy & Beyond 
and Ky Corbet, BCPA, RN, 

Kayoko 'Ky' Corbet, RN, BSN, MS, MA, BCPA

Over 15 years of related professional experience including clinical nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, age-in-place consulting, and home health case management. ​

  • Board-certified patient advocate, Patient Advocacy Certification Board

  • MA in Speech Communication, Penn State University

  • ​BS in Nursing, Johns Hopkins University

  • ​MS in Nursing Informatics, University of Maryland

The good thing for patients now is that the field of Independent Patient Advocacy is growing rapidly due to the complexity and fragmentation of the healthcare system. However, the qualifications, abilities, and styles of advocates vary greatly, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to find the right advocate for you. 

Our lead advocate, ‘Ky’ Corbet is a well-rounded RN with experience in hospital nursing (oncology, med-surg, critical care, hospice) and home health case management. She, due to her background, excels in research, integration of a wide range of information, promoting collegial clinical communication, and shared decision making. She constantly seeks the latest evidence and practice improvement to meet clients' needs.

Patient Advocacy & Beyond strives to offer superior value to each client. The process starts with analyzing their best options based on their unique circumstance, goals, and personal values. Then we can guide our clients toward their goals, sometimes in collaboration with other professionals. Along the way, we reduce waste (in energy, time, money), not only for our clients but in our healthcare system too!

Our combination of expertise, sincerity, and compassion makes Patient Advocacy & Beyond your trusted partner.