About Patient Advocacy & Beyond (PAB)

PAB is a full-service private practice that provides education, research and various kinds of support needed by the patients and their families related to their health care. As the hallmark of Private Patient Advocacy, our services will be 100% devoted to the benefit of our client (and their family) and customized based on their needs and the situation.

Our fundamental goal is to guide patients and caregivers toward their best possible health destination, and protect them from potential physical, emotional, and financial harm by the US 'sickcare' system. This will be done primarily by clarifying the patient (and family)'s needs and options, reducing waste and unnecessary pain, and improving communication among the care team where the patient's best interest would be in the center.


When appropriate, we would assist physicians and other providers and facilitate better diagnoses and decision-making that benefits the patient. Our secondly goal is to ease some burden off clinicians and other healthcare associates who often face impossible demands. We believe in multidisciplinary collaboration and helping them do their job well so that everyone benefits in the end. 

Why Patient Advocacy & Beyond?

The good thing for patients now is that the field of Private Patient Advocacy has been growing rapidly, due to the high demand. However, the qualifications, abilities, and styles of advocates vary greatly, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to find the right advocate for you. 


PAB’s founder, ‘Ky’ Corbet is a well-rounded RN with experience in hospital nursing (oncology, med-surg, critical care, hospice) and home health. With Master’s degrees in Nursing Informatics and Communications, she’s also skilled at information management, research, promoting collegial communication with clinicians, and shared decision making. As a lifelong learner with intellectual curiosity, she constantly seeks the latest evidence and practice improvement.


PAB came into existence out of her sincere desire to reduce suffering and waste (time, money, and energy) in healthcare, and help vulnerable patients and consumers. We put all our expertise and skills, also collaborate with outside experts, in order to achieve our client's goals and wellbeing. 


Our combination of expertise, skillset, sincerity, and compassion makes Patient Advocacy & Beyond your trusted partner. Please also check out our value statement and promise.

Prof Headshot2 2020 a litte farer.jpg
Kayoko 'Ky' Corbet, RN, BSN,

MA in Speech Communication, Penn State University, 1995

BS in Nursing,

Johns Hopkins University, 2006

MS in Nursing Informatics

University of Maryland, 2012


Johns Hopkins Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital 

Clinical nurse (2005-10)

Age-in-place consultant (2013-14)

RN case manager (2015-16)

Patient Advocacy & Beyond LLC  (2017 - present) 

A short story about Ky

Ky has personal, professional and moral reasons that led her to professional patient advocacy. While young and healthy, she experienced an expected health scare, which made her realize how vulnerable and powerless a patient can be. The medical interventions took her to a dark place and changed the course of her life. She soon became an RN and found pure joy in advocating for and empowering her patients. But eventually, she got injured, burned out and left hospital nursing.


She enrolled in grad school and studied healthcare management, finances, information technology, and broad system issues.  She also got involved with healthcare activism, worked in home health case management, and finally understood the true nature of the capitalistic healthcare system and how unfair the system has been for the patients...


Ky realized she must switch sides if she hopes to make a real difference in patients' lives. Hence, she took a plunge and founded a private practice in 2017. 

*If you’re interested, you can learn more in my chapter "Human Connection and Shared Responsibility" of this recent book!