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Patient Advocacy & Beyond provides comprehensive patient support services - combining the functions of Patient Advocacy, Case Management and Coaching. We help you navigate the health care system maze, improve your safety and outcomes, and achieve your health goals. Not only that, we strive to save your money and time too - by reducing miscommunication, unnecessary/low value treatments/tests based on your core values, situation and options. 


When it comes to health and health care, many personal and environmental factors, and timing can significantly influence your outcomes. Unfortunately, our highly fragmented health care system is unable to address many of those factors. This has contributed health care to be more error-prone, confusing and super-expensive.


Patient Advocacy & Beyond challenges this broken model by holistically addressing all critical factors for EACH UNIQUE CLIENT. We watch for your best interests ferociously and fight for them if necessary! This approach often results in a dramatic improvement in outcomes, cost and a sense of wellbeing.  That is the goal of Patient Advocacy & Beyond!

Kayoko 'Ky' Corbet


BS in Nursing

Johns Hopkins University, 2006

MS in Nursing Informatics

University of Maryland, 2012


Johns Hopkins Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital 

Bedside nurse (2005-10)

Age-in-place consultant (2013-14)

RN case manager (2015-16)

Patient Advocacy & Beyond  (2018 - present) 

Hi, I’m Kayoko (many of my clients call me ‘Ky’).  


I can help you feel more confident in making medical decisions, protect your long-term health, and save money on your medical bills.


I moved to the U.S. from Japan, which has universal healthcare. I was shocked by the complexity of the American system, and I struggled to get answers from my doctors and nurses when I needed help.


I wanted to make confident medical decisions and I ended up becoming a medical professional. I worked for years as a hospital nurse and a home health RN case manager and helped people with complex or chronic medical conditions.


You don’t have to become a medical professional like I did to find your way around the healthcare system. I can use my experience and desire to help you navigate your diagnoses and treatments from the first visit to final follow-up and health maintenance.


I founded Patient Advocacy & Beyond out of my wish to protect vulnerable patients from physical, emotional and financial harms from the desperately broken US health care system. 

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