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Comprehensive Personal Advocacy Services

Our clients typically reach out with concerns in one of the three areas below. If the situation is straightforward, we may be able to resolve it quickly. If their situation is complex, we will likely offer options to suit your needs and wishes, including collaborating with other professionals. 


Establishing a relationship with a good patient advocate in a timely manner will reduce stress, find better solutions, and save you time and (sometimes lots of) money!

Compass and map

Healthcare Navigation Support​

Struggling to find a doctor who listens to you and diagnoses you correctly? Confused about instructions from multiple doctors? Or are you just overwhelmed by all the healthcare' administration burden'?


Our team of experienced advocates can help you tackle these challenges and more. We will assess your situation and goals, then offer a range of options to help you make informed decisions. We might even find a solution that you've never thought possible.

Hospital & ER

Advocate / Oversight at Medical Facilities
and during Care Transitions

Staying at a hospital or nursing home alone can be daunting or even dangerous these days. That's where our RN patient advocates come in. Our RN patient advocates can provide round-the-clock support to ensure you receive the highest quality care possible.


From monitoring your care, coordinating with medical staff to proactively planning the next step, we're here to ensure your needs are always met. We keep you and your family informed on care plans, support good decision-making, and facilitate care transitions to make a crucial difference in your overall experience.

Medical Appeals form and a partial pair of glasses

Insurance/Network Appeals

Do you have a life-altering condition and need expensive medical treatment, but your insurer refuses to cover it? If it's medically necessary, we can help you get effective treatment.

The truth is doctors don't have the time or incentive to fight against insurers, but we do. With our expertise and research skills, we can make your insurer provide the benefit you need and deserve, even if the provider is out-of-network!

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive concierge advocacy services and how we can help you or your loved one navigate the complex healthcare system with confidence!

To learn how Patient Advocacy & Beyond delivers value to our clients in detail, you can read our case studies by clicking the icons below. 

Case Studies
Patient Advocacy Case Study 1
Patient Advocate Case Study 2
Patient Advocate Case Study 3
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