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Comprehensive Concierge Advocacy Services

Patient Advocacy & Beyond is dedicated to helping you receive safe and effective healthcare at a reasonable cost. Whether you are at a doctor's office, hospital, nursing home, or at home, we provide personalized support and services tailored to your needs and situation, ensuring continuity of care.

The two main areas of service are:

Compass and map

Healthcare Navigation Support

  • Guide you through the complexities of the healthcare system and assist you in realizing your healthcare goals while minimizing risks, stress, wasted time, and money


  • Related beneficial services: 

    • Our Concise Medical Profiles are extremely valuable in emergencies or coordinating multiple specialists.

    • Helping you manage your ongoing health care better and take smart preventative measures.

Hospital & ER
Hospital & ER

Safeguard and Advocate at Medical Facilities and during Care Transitions

  • Unfortunately, our hospitals and nursing homes can be unsafe depending on the timing and the circumstances. Since the pandemic, things have gotten worse due to clinician shortages, burnout, and other issues. The situation makes having your nurse advocate imperative because we will:


  • Promote safety, comfort, and appropriate care on your behalf so that you can rest easy. Help you make well-informed decisions and reduce readmission risks. 


  • Help you receive full benefits from your health insurance. 

Patient Advocacy & Beyond has a wide range of medical knowledge, research skills, and connections with expert medical professionals. This enables us to quickly obtain the latest evidence and help you find the right treatment option while developing collaborative relationships with the doctors. 


Please remember that we do not give you medical advice - our job is to know enough to facilitate your doctors to do their best work for you!

To learn how Patient Advocacy & Beyond delivers value to our clients in detail, you can read our case studies by clicking the icons below. 

Case Studies
Patient Advocacy Case Study 1
Patient Advocate Case Study 2
Patient Advocate Case Study 3
Holding Hands
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