Patient Advocacy & Beyond serves clients to experience good safe health care that's right for them. Regardless of the location, at a doctor's office, in a hospital or nursing home, or at home, we provide personalized services based on the situation, client's needs and wishes.  

The two main functions that Patient Advocacy & Beyond provides are:


Healthcare Navigation Support

  • Guiding you through the complexities of the healthcare system and assisting you in achieving your medical care goals while minimizing risks, stress, wasted time and money

  • Related useful services: 

    • A care plan summary which is extremely valuable in emergencies or coordinating multiple specialists.

    • Making your healthcare and life plans foolproof and manageable.


Safeguard and Optimize care at medical facilities & during transition

  • Given the current situation (the high rate of medical errors, clinician burnouts, and severe nursing shortage), your own nurse patient advocate by your side makes a world of difference to your outcome.

  • Ensuring you receive full benefits from your health insurance. 

  • Ensuring every transition of care is done appropriately that significantly reduces readmission rate. 

In terms of medical conditions, Patient Advocacy & Beyond has been successfully serving people with a wide array of conditions. Based on solid nursing clinical knowledge and research skills, as well as collaboration with medical expert colleagues if necessary, we can obtain the latest evidence and best treatment options for pretty much any condition in a very short amount of time. 


Please remember that we do not give you medical advice - our job is to know enough to facilitate your doctors to do their best work for you!

Click on a case study below to see how Patient Advocacy & Beyond applies our framework to serve our clients.

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