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Your (loved one's) life can be easier and safer!

People checking their pills

It is not a question of if, but when. "Life happens".

Our body can experience a problem without warning. A little bit of preparation and organization can safeguard your health and life from crises, and give you peace of mind. 

Depending on your preference, you may get your one problem fixed, receive a personalized "roadmap" to achieve your goals, or have the advocate help you at every step.

Oftentimes, SMALL actions in time can make your life much easier and more secure!

This service would be excellent if you (or your loved ones):

Are seniors whose vitality/capacities are waning

Have a medical condition but have not kept up with the doctor(s) and your health information isn't organized

Have been seeing a doctor(s) for a condition(s) but are unsure about some aspects of the care plan

Understand"a stitch in time saves 9" (or maybe 9 hundred in health care!) 

Group of Elderly People Having Dinner

Depending on your needs, the service can be one-time short-term or long-term/ongoing basis. 

  • Obtain your medical record, review for any major omission​ or errors and help you organize it.

  • Explain the doctor's viewpoint and the care plan to you.

  • Discuss your options and how you'd like your care to be.

  • Accompany doctor's appointment(s) and help you clarify and optimize the care.

  • Make sure all the medications are appropriate for you.

  • Review your medical billing and insurance.

  • Introduce the right tools to make your life easier and make sure you can use them correctly.

  • If required, find additional help you need.

  • Assist you to create Advance Directive and MOLST that's right for you.

  • (In the future) in case of emergency, you can RECEIVE SUPPORT IMMEDIATELY because we already have your information.


All the activities will be personalized based on your needs.

As always, the advocate will assess your situation holistically and inform you if a better option or tool exists that may save you money or time!

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