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Empowered Patient Experience.
Better Outcomes.

Independent Patient Advocates are becoming a necessity because we fill serious gaps in our health care system.

When we are sick, weak, or overwhelmed, we cannot and should not have to deal with our complex, opaque, fragmented (and sometimes predatory) health care system alone! Even doctors and nurses need an advocate when they're sick.

Competent advocates can significantly simplify things and make sure nothing important falls through the cracks. This will allow you to focus on what's most important in your life, reduce your stress and recover quicker. ​

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We use thoughtful approaches to deliver results

The Flow of Engagement


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  • Consultation Call 

  • HIPAA Forms

  • Payment


  • Intake and Assessment Meeting

  • Obtain Medical Records

  • Set Concrete Goals and Plan



  • Monitor and Evaluate Outcomes

  • Adjust Plan, Ongoing Education & Support

  • Utilize the Right Tools (Self-Advocacy Support)

** These steps may be combined to accommodate urgent needs, if the situation requires.  

What my clients are saying...

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Client Reviews
45 Total Reviews

Ky was simply amazing! She helped me through a very dark period in my illness. Due to the complex nature and rarity of my condition, I was turned down by many patient advocates. However, Ky took on my case doing plenty of research. She accompanied to critical doctors appts to help communicate my needs to the doctor in a medically professional way. At one point I was hospitalized for a week. The wing I was placed in had rooms that were not handicap accessible and I ended up having a bad fall. I was treated inhumanely by the staff. I called Ky and she dropped everything with only a couple hours notice and drove over an hour to the facility. She got ahold of the hospital admin on staff and everything was promptly sorted out and resolved. Her action, not only eliminated the suffering I was experiencing at that moment but allowed me to receive the proper acuity of care needed for the remainder of my inpatient stay. Ky's kindness, compassion and medical knowledge were priceless at such a dark time. I am not sure I could have made it through without her...


I highly recommend Ky for her skill and dedication.

Emily K.

Our Mission -- We will...

  • Improve healthcare outcomes and experience with compassion and skill

  • Reduce unnecessary suffering and waste in healthcare

  • Guide and empower people to make well-informed decisions and take smart action to live their lives fully

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Principal Advocate:
Ky Corbet
Tel: 443-341-6262
Ellicott City, MD 21043
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