Feeling lost

in (the dark waters of)

the health care system?

WHAT IF there is help that can take away your worries?

Whether you have a complex, urgent medical situation, or you simply cannot manage any aspect of your health care...

An independent Patient Advocate may be the simple and powerful solution for you!

Patient Advocacy & Beyond is a full-service advocacy company with a mission to SERVE EACH CLIENT'S BEST INTEREST based on their unique needs and situation. No matter what your health care problem may be (in conjunction with a network of good advocates and specialists), we can give you hope, clarity and solution! 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our services are primarily provided via video call, email or phone. However, we're also equipped to assist clients in-person with proper precautions and PPE if required. 

Here are some of what our clients say about our services:

Ky is an awesome nurse and advocate. With a long list of illnesses, my caregiver and I struggled so much managing my health care before meeting her.  Once she started working with me, I felt all my worries were lifted – she checked all my medications, made sure I take them correctly, my blood pressure under control, and so on. She also communicates well with my multiple doctors and makes sure their plans are indeed best for me.  Above all, she really cares about my whole health and is great at encouraging me to take right action for my health. I used to spend most of my day sleeping but I now exercise daily-  what a big difference she made!

Bob J.

Columbia, Maryland

Kayoko was simply amazing! She helped me through a very dark period in my illness. Due to it being chronic pain in nature I was turned down by many patient advocates. However, Kayoko took on my case doing plenty of research. She accompanied to critical doctors appts to help communicate my needs to the doctor in a medically professional way. At one point I was hospitalized for a week. The wing I was placed in had rooms that were not handicap accessible and I ended up having a bad fall. I was treated inhumanity by the staff. I called Kayoko and she drove over an hour away to help. She got ahold of the nursing supervisor of the hospital and I was immediately changed to another floor.


I highly recommend Kayoko for her skill and dedication.

Emily K.

Gettysbug, Pennsylvania

I’d been overwhelmed and struggling with my compounding chronic health problems for years. But I was lucky enough to meet Ky who is by far such an amazingly wonderful advocate. Her knowledge, warmth and insights really make a difference. She does go above and beyond to educate and guide patients toward the best possible path. She is incredibly smart and I know for a fact that she will do great things in healthcare.  I highly recommend Ky’s services to everyone.

Melissa M.

Columbia, Maryland

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